6 Types Of Toxins In Your Body Right Now And How To Lower Your Toxic Burden

6 Types Of Toxins In Your Body Right Now And How To Lower Your Toxic Burden

Does everyone really need to detox?

Doesn’t our body come complete with an innate ability to detoxify?

The answers to both of those question is: “YES”.

We all need to detox daily, and we all should do a comprehensive detox once or twice a year to achieve our best health.

It’s true,  your Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Skin, Colon, and Lymph are doing their detox job for you all day, every day, to eliminate waste products.  These are our internal filters.

Just like your car needs an oil change and an air filter change occasionally to work it’s best, we need to clean our filters as well, or else… they may need to be replaced!

(Do you want a liver transplant?  Heck no!  So, some important maintenance needs to take place to avoid that and other issues.)

These hard working elimination organs are OVERWHELMED by the sheer number of toxins they are trying to clear for you.  The human body was designed at a time when most of today’s toxins did not even exist.  100 years ago, we were only exposed to 5% of the toxins we encounter today.  And our bodies have not evolved to increase their filtering ability 20x to match this toxic exposure.

There are 6 categories of toxins that mess with our hormones, our energy, our brain function, our metabolism and that can basically prevent our body from healing.

Now, let me make it clear,  I don’t eat a perfect diet.  I eat a healthy diet, but not perfect!   No one can really be perfect, it’s just not realistic.  Plus, even if you do eat perfectly, you still have to live in the world with auto exhaust, plastics, and environmental toxins that are impossible to escape.

Detoxing is what saved my life and allowed for me to become a mom.

Before we go through the 6 types of toxins, let’s discuss your Toxic Burden.

The lower your toxic burden, the better health you have. Toxic burden is simply the amount of toxins that go into your body minus your body’s ability to eliminate them.  What is left is the toxic burden.  The reason I explain this is that health isn’t about living in a bubble, it’s about learning how to protect yourself while living a full and vibrant life.

The 6 Types of Toxins

  1. Heavy Metals: Dental work, foods, medicines, air and water pollution, food containers, plates, cookware, Industrial Exposure.
  2. Medications: Even if you aren’t taking prescription or OTC medications, you may be ingesting them through water (the water you drink and shower in).
  3. Energetic Toxicity: Electromagnetic frequencies are everywhere, and over 8,000 studies show their harmful effect on humans. (The dwindling honeybee populations and homing pigeons getting lost may be due to so many chaotic frequencies from cell phone towers and networks, wi-fi everywhere, and the proliferation of electronic devices interfering with our own energetic systems.)
  4. Emotional / Spiritual Toxicity:  Rage, anger, depression, fear, lack of forgiveness.  These actually cause DAMAGE TO CELLS and change the way proteins behave.  Physical detox can improve your emotional health!
  5. Food toxins:  GMO, hybrids, irradiation, glyphosate, coloring, additives, sweeteners, chemicals.
  6. Environmental: This is a huge category!
    • Cosmetics (alcohol, talc, phthalates, mineral oil, oxides, rancid oils, deodorant aluminum). The Environmental Working Group (EWG) says the average American woman is exposed to 12 products, and over 100 harmful chemicals, in any given day.
    • Car exhaust
    • Cigarette smoke (first and second hand)
    • Water (drugs, chlorine/fluoride)
    • Laundry products
    • Treated lumber
    • Home cleaning supplies
    • The gas pump (benzene)
    • Flame retardants on clothing, bedding, furniture
    • Your workplace (carpet, chemicals, perfume, copy machines, rubber and plastics, construction, drive to work)

Dedicating some time to specific detox processes and a super-clean diet for a period of time can yield dividends; such as hundreds of different types toxins leaving the body.

Even if you eat a very clean diet, you’re bombarded with toxins from the list above, so our diet is only one source of toxicity.  Evidence of this is shown in studies done on the average newborn who is born with over 230 carcinogenic chemicals in their umbilical cords!

If you wish to learn more about getting support through your detox and health building journey, at GLOW Natural Wellness we offer several ways to do just that.

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