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Having my DNA results eased my health concerns. Now, I make informed food choices tailored to my needs, reducing bloat and having more energy. I’ve even overcome sleep issues and anxiety without relying on medication. With a family history of heart disease and diabetes, I once felt helpless, but now I’m empowered to take control of my health. Dr. Michelle Sands’ program is comprehensive and user-friendly, making genetics easy to grasp. I’m grateful for this life-changing program.

-Terri Webber

When I started working with Dr. Michelle and her team I was lost and in bad shape physically and mentally. None of the many doctors and specialists I saw could figure out what was wrong with me. Her and her team helped me reverse my autoimmune disease and now I am feeling increasingly better every month. Healing the gut and getting my body to a healthy state has taken time but finally is paying off. I could not have done this without Dr. Michelle’s expertise and direction!

-Teresa Davenport

I have been challenged by CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), autoimmune thyroid disease and a mast cell disorder for over 5 years. These issues resulted in a systemic chronic inflammation affecting my entire body. I suffered from a long list of symptoms and lost all energy and enthusiasm for life. Most days I suffered from “brain fog” which made simple tasks a challenge. I sought help from countless doctors without any resolution and emotionally I was wrecked. Then I found Dr. Michelle Sands and everything changed! She took my entire medical history and emotional well-being into account. She has a unique approach and is compassionate about her patients’ well being. Her entire staff was so helpful and guided me step by step along the way. This year i have finally been able to resume my passion—hiking in the mountains!!

-Mary Timmons

After experiencing fatigue, irritability, sleep troubles, hot flashes, and weight gain, I embarked on this program three months ago. The results have been remarkable – increased energy, reduced hot flashes, improved sleep, and even a noticeable improvement in my mood, as noted by my husband. I eagerly anticipate further benefits in the future. This program has given me newfound hope and the motivation to prioritize my well-being, allowing me to return to exercise and embrace a healthier lifestyle. It’s an investment in yourself that I wholeheartedly recommend, offering support and answers that traditional medicine often struggles to provide.

-Julie Turck

DNA Made Simple helped me to fill in the gaps in my understanding of my own health. As a nurse and fitness buff, I considered my diet and lifestyle to be healthy in general. However, making some lifestyle changes, tweaking my routine and cutting out certain supplements from my diet improved my energy, sleep and even helped with my eczema and rosacea. And the GLOW team is always ready to answer any questions. I love all the handouts and assessments to help you see what genes get turned on. I highly recommend this program!

-Judy Bannister

“Before discovering Dr. Michelle, I struggled with fatigue, muscle fatigue, and poor sleep quality. Simple daily tasks felt exhausting. However, since embarking on this holistic journey, my sleep has improved, night sweats have decreased, and I’ve experienced overall relief. This alignment of beliefs and holistic approach has brought mental clarity and a newfound enthusiasm for daily life. I wholeheartedly endorse this program; the testing is straightforward, and I firmly believe in the importance of embracing HRT as a means to live a healthier, more enriched life with strength and vitality.


“Joining the Healthy Hormone Club in July 2022 was a turning point in my life. Perimenopause symptoms had intensified after battling COVID, and while initially skeptical of replacement hormones, I took a leap of faith upon discovering this program. It’s been a tremendous blessing. Despite occasional doubts, the program’s videos and emails provided the motivation I needed. The results have been remarkable: increased energy, mental clarity, diminished night sweats and hot flashes, improved skin, and gradual weight loss. What I love most is the program’s convenience – at-home testing, hormone delivery, and a supportive community. I wholeheartedly recommend it to friends and encourage women to take that transformative step.”

- Catherine Allen

“I used to struggle with mood swings, disrupted sleep, and bloating. Since starting Glow’s bio-identical hormone therapy in February, I’ve experienced fewer mood swings and less bloating.I’m on a journey to feel younger, sleep better, and live with vitality. I highly recommend Healthy Hormones. Their at-home testing, hormone creams, and informative videos have been invaluable. It just makes sense – give it a try!”

-Bridgett Fox

After going through menopause 13 years ago and experiencing a rash and elevated cholesterol, I sought help from various doctors but found no relief. They suggested steroids for my rash and statins for cholesterol, which I resisted due to my overall health. Doctors never checked my hormones until I discovered Glow Natural. After starting their hormone therapy and daily/PM vitamins in August 2022, I saw remarkable improvements. Four months later, hormone levels were in the middle of the normal range, my rash and itching had significantly improved. By April 2023, hormone levels were at the high end of normal, the rash was gone, and I felt fantastic. Thank you, Dr. Michelle; I feel amazing!

- Rebecca Urban