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Hi, I’m Dr. Michelle Sands, and your balance is my mission.

Driven by my own journey through a healthcare system that dismisses women’s concerns and favors quick fixes over deep healing, I created GLOW Natural Wellness to arm you with the knowledge and tools to take control of your health naturally.

I’m dedicated to shattering the silence around women’s health, and showing you how to understand and harness the power of your own body to find your own balance. Let’s dive into this transition with bold confidence and grace.

— I've got your back, every step of the way.

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    Since starting Glow's therapy in February, my mood swings and bloating have lessened. I'm feeling younger, sleeping better, and living vibrantly. I highly recommend Healthy Hormones for their home testing, effective creams, and educational content. It's worth trying!

    — Brigette F.

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    "Since joining Dr. Michelle's program, my sleep and energy have improved, and night sweats decreased. Her holistic method has cleared my mind and rejuvenated my daily life enthusiasm. I endorse this program for its easy testing and strong advocacy for HRT, leading to a healthier, vibrant life.

    — Jennifer H.

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    Three months in, I've experienced remarkable improvements: higher energy, less hot flashes, better sleep, and mood boosts. It's reignited my well-being journey, motivating healthier choices and exercise. This program is a worthwhile investment, offering profound support that surpasses traditional medicine.

    — Harlow M.

Introducing The Healthy Hormone Club, Where Hormone Optimization Is As Easy As Ordering Take-Out.

No doctors office visit, no long pharmacy lines—just hassle-free holistic hormone balance.


We believe personalized care is the best care. That’s why we offer unlimited private consultations to ensure you always get the support you need (and deserve!)


Hormone replacement doesn’t need to mean more pills or fake hormones. Get hormones identical to your body’s, in easy-to-apply topical form.

at- home hormone testing

We also provide guided at-home testing every four months so we can tailor your solutions, track your progress, and adjust as needed.

fix issues at the root

Instead of chasing symptoms, learn your body’s holistic needs and feel regulated from the inside out. Let’s get to the root cause and eliminate your symptoms for good.

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