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The Glow Protocol is incredible. Knowledgeable, friendly coaches have significantly improved my health, healed my gut, and helped me overcome allergies, empowering me to lead my family to a healthier life" — Marcia B.

GLOW Protocol

GLOW Protocol

The GLOW Protocol is the only interactive natural medicine program of it's kind that includes a cutting-edge blueprint grounded in natural medicine.The GLOW Protocol focuses on SYSTEMS not SYMPTOMS so that you can finally get to the root of your health issues rather than a band-aid approach.s. With the GLOW Protocol, you’ll be able to identify the root cause of your health and hormonal problems and implement effective, long-term strategies.  Live, personalized coaching included!

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The Glow Protocol helps you make sense of your symptoms to identify the root cause of your struggles. It’s like a universal translator for the secret language of your body that helps you manage all the aggressors ravaging your health. 

This game-changing process personalizes protocols and addresses every single major system of your body holistically: defense and immune, hormones and neurotransmitters, digestion and nutrient status, detoxification, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and more.

No more guessing, no more frustration!


  • Take the guesswork out of healing
  • Address the root cause of your symptoms so you can build health naturally
  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Management
  • Thyroid Health
  • Blood Sugar Balance
  • Relief from Pain
  • Cardivascular Health
  • Improved Moods
  • Better digestion
  • Improved immune health
  • Better quality of life

What's Included

VIP Access to the GLOW Protocol membership portal with 10 comprehensive jam-packed interactive modules, cheat sheets, videos & training on hormonal health and healing (Value: $4,997)

Modules include: Gut and Immune Health, Hormones, Detoxification, Cardiometabolic Health, Digestion and Assimilation. Mitochondrial Health and more.

And, you get unlimited support from our team of coaches to help you along the way

Personalized Intake Review and Custom Roadmap, Timeline, and Natural Medicine RX (Value: $597)
We will take a deep dive into your health history, current and past symptoms, environmental exposures, lifestyle habits and goals to create unique roadmap to meet your specific needs.

 Private, Members ONLY group (Value: $997)
In this group, you’ll not only get access to exclusive content and a powerful community of women supporting each other’s success, but you’ll also get access to the world’s top health coaches.

Access to Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls with me and my team of skilled clinicians! (Value: $1997)
To make sure you’re on track, you’ll have access to by-monthly coaching calls every other Thursday where myself and my team personally answer all your questions. You’ll never feel alone again. With weekly coaching calls, you’ll have a direct line to my wisdom, support, and expertise. Above all else, you have me and my team’s support every step of the way

The Glow Protocol uncovers the triggers to your symptoms and hormone imbalances.

Coaching, healing protocols, education & support to help you take back your health.

Evaluations & Assessments

While most health programs make you fit your lifestyle around their protocols, we customize a program specifically for you! We ask the right questions to help you make a customized plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

  • Assess your unique state of health through customized assessment and evaluation
  • Expertly craft a tailored health and healing plan just for you based on a holistic assessment of your needs and goals

Foundations of Health

The key to optimal health is to first rebuild the foundation. Just a few simple, powerful practices a day can reduce stress, improve energy levels, and help you lead a more balanced life.

  • Simple yet powerful practices that reduce stress while increasing your energy and vitality
  • Daily strategies that are based on the D.R.E.A.M.S. framework – Diet, Rest, Exercise, Activities, Meditations/Mindset, and Stress Reduction
  • Improve your health and fitness level, along with being able to sleep better, think clearer, and have more energy

Lab Tests, Assessments, & Investigation into the Root Cause

Learn the basics of becoming your own medical detective. And then learn to use this information to discover what is impacting your health. Get everything you need to know about test results and how they can be used to predict or prevent medical conditions.

  • Discover the blueprint that connects back to your origins and unlocks resources that will rewire your blueprint through a series of medical tests
  • Get your fully personalized list of functional lab tests and diagnostic assessments to take, and learn how to understand the results
  • Learn why you may have been experiencing symptoms and what’s really going on in your body

Gut & Immune Mastery

Healthy digestion and immunity starts in the gut, where making small changes can make a huge impact.

  • Understand why the gut-immune connection is exceptionally important to your health and how you can begin to rebalance your gut and microbiome
  • Discover how important your gut is in regulating immunity, how imbalanced microbes create an autoimmune state in your body, and what you can do about it
  • Optimize your gut microbiome with simple strategies to support immune system integrity and wellness
  • Reverse your leaky gut and autoimmune conditions by identifying the triggers that cause them, eliminating them from your diet, and then shocking your system with nutritious foods to repair the damage done
  • Get rid of unpleasant pathogens like parasites, bacterial overgrowths, yeast and fungus that cause harmful overgrowth in our bodies.

Nutrient Absorption & Assimilation

How your body digests and absorbs the food you eat is very important. You want to optimize your digestion and your assimilation to be at the very top of your game.

Discover how to break down and utilize the food you eat so the body gets the most out of it.

  • Learn how to improve your digestive issues through testing and identifying food allergies, sensitivities, food toxins, or deficiencies
  • Get the necessary information to optimize your gut bacteria, properly digest your food, and finally provide a long-term solution for all of your health problems
  • Know how to eat foods that can raise your metabolism, boost energy levels, control blood sugar levels, eliminate the yearning for sweets and junk food and help your body function at its best
  • Put an end to restrictive diets and heal from intolerances that have you eating only 4 kinds of food.

Hormones & Neurotransmitters

Optimizing your hormones naturally is easier than you think. If you understand how hormones work, learning how to affect them can make a massive difference to your health and well-being.

  • Unlock your full potential by taking advantage of the messages your hormones are sending you
  • Tap into the intense energy and intense intelligence of the most productive, most successful version of yourself
  • Naturally balance your hormones with the easy-to-follow advice and break free from symptoms and even gain more youthful energy, memory, and libido!
  • Balance blood sugar, sleep hormones, adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones and more. Use our proven protocols to unlock your body’s most natural state of balance


Toxicity, toxic burden, and environmental toxins affect your health. Detox the build-up of toxins we’re exposed to in our everyday life with GLOW Cellular Detox.

  • Gently restore balance to your cells by neutralizing toxins on a cellular level
  • Get the most out of life by helping your body remove these harmful substances
  • Cleanse your body (and mind) and enjoy increased energy and health in no time!
  • Optimize your detoxification system so it is more efficient at burning fat, metabolizing hormones and removing toxins from your body

Energy Production

This module is your roadmap to help you overcome fatigue and restore energy faster.

We dive into Mitochondrial health where you discover how your body creates anduses its energy, you can take steps to make sure you always have the energy to do the things you love and to keep you healthy.

  • Evaluate your energy systems—from your body’s ability to produce energy, how it uses it, and how to evaluate the state of the system
  • Discover how your energy systems, lifestyle choices, and even the food you eat can impact how your body produces energy
  • Gain valuable insight into how to enhance your daily energy levels

Cardiometabolic Health & Transport

Heart disease, hypertension, elevated fasting blood sugar, abdominal obesity, dyslipidemia, and elevated triglycerides are all closely linked to inflammation.

This module focuses on reversing these risk factors quickly and safely – without drugs – by optimizing how the body turns on and off its inflammatory processes.

  • Explore how natural medicine can be used to increase longevity and lower your risk of chronic diseases
  • Dive into the human body’s inflammatory processes. By understanding how these systems work, you can better react to inflammation and do your part to fight it off
  • Discover the naturopathic techniques required to maintain a healthy heart and body so you can lead a lean and healthy life for years to come.

Balance & Harmony

The harmony of our body is dependent on the harmony of our mind, relationships, career, and life. All these elements are interrelated.

With a balanced body comes a more resilient body with longevity and effectiveness.

  • Discover how to avoid common pitfalls that lead to poor health
  • Unlock the secrets that will guide you in achieving an optimal state of health and happiness
  • Learn the only method that corrects your hormones and neurotransmitters, balances your blood sugar, recovers a damaged microbiome, and sets you up for success in every area of your life

Join today and receive exclusive bonuses to accelerate your journey back to health, including:

Bonus #1

(Value: $597)

Personalized Intake Review & Custom ACTION PLAN

With our exclusive program, we’ll discover your health profile and create a unique roadmap to meet your specific needs. This is where:

  • Comprehensive analysis to understand your health journey
  • Identify imbalances with a clear overview of your health status
  • Customized health recommendations tailored to you
  • Access to in-depth assessments usually reserved for clinical settings

Bonus #2

(Value: $597)

  • Private Members ONLY discussion group

In this group, you’ll not only get access to exclusive content and a powerful community of women supporting each other’s success, but you’ll also get access to the world’s top health coaches.

  • Access to exclusive content
  • Join a powerful community of supportive women
  • Connect with the world's top health coaches for expert guidance
  • Motivation + support from like-minded peers on the same journey
  • Receive personal support from me and our team of top experts

Bonus #3

(Value: $1997)

  • Access to Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls with me and my team of skilled clinicians

To make sure you’re on track, you’ll have access to coaching calls every other Thursday where I personally answer all your questions, from food, toxins, fertility, hormones, up to detoxing. If there’s any issue you’re having, bring it up.

  • Access bi-monthly Thursday coaching calls for guidance on everything from diet to detox
  • Direct line to our team of health experts, offering personalized advice and support
  • Enjoy continuous, unwavering support to ensure you're never alone in your journey
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    The Glow Protocol has been a life changing experience. I’ve had problems with my thyroid and adrenals and the guidance of the GLOW Protocol and Dr. Michelle's and team's help I feel so much better.I would definitely recommend the GLOW Protocol for your healing journey.

    -Eva M.

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    Superb staff, a complete holistic approach to a deeper level of healthcare other than writing scipts . Amazing! The GLOW Protocol should be taught in school or mandatory education for all doctors.

    -Nicole D.

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    The Glow Protocol has truly changed my health. I can't say enough positive things about the program, my results and these special and caring individuals. I went from being unhealthy, tired, and on 4 medications, to being happy, healthy and medication free in just over 18 months

    -Diana A.

I can't recommend enough - this is the future of healthcare - where people are in control and nature is used as medicine.

Paula S.


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