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Breathe for Hormone Balance

Breathe for Hormone Balance

Breathe in, Bliss Out: Transform Your Hormone Health with Just Your Breath

Unlock the power of your breath with thoughtfully crafted to ease you through hormonal havoc at any time, in any place. Step into a serene space where each inhalation brings calm, and every exhalation releases tension, harmonizing your hormones naturally. No expertise? No problem. In this beginner-friendly program, Dr. Michelle gently guides you through basic, yet effective techniques, all designed to soothe anxiety, melt away stress, and nurture your body's hormonal balance.

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With short immersive video lessons and engaging follow-along sessions this course isn't just an education—it's an experience. Whether you're looking to find a haven of relaxation or seeking to empower your menopausal journey, this short and simple breathwork course is your pathway to peace. Embrace the tranquility and reclaim control over your wellbeing—one breath at a time. Join us, and let your breath transform your life. Available on-demand


  • Follow along video trainings
  • Breath self assessment
  • Breath optimizer
  • Follow along breathwork instruction
  • Breathwork visualizer tools
  • Lifetime access