Tips On How To Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Tips On How To Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings… we all get that horrible, obsessive feeling in those moments when it’s like you can’t live without picking one of those cookies, unwrapping a few candies, or getting that slice of cake out of the fridge, and you think to yourself, “am I addicted to sugar”?

Well, trust me, you’re not alone, and that’s why I’ve put together 10 simple ways to help you curb those sugar cravings and break free from sugar addiction, as well as a free 5-Day Sugar Detox Challenge to help you crush those cravings. You got this!

Go Cold Turkey

Quitting all at once means you will get your tastebuds used to a lower-sugar diet faster. That’s good news! But … if that seems overwhelming, you can go for a more moderate approach, cutting back a little bit every day.

Stay Hydrated

This can help you avoid headaches and keep your digestive system on-point. And since we often mistake thirst for hunger, it can help keep food cravings at bay.

Make Time to Sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body’s hunger hormones can become disrupted, affecting both the mechanisms that make you want to eat AND that let you know when you’re full. This will set you up for even more cravings!

Eat Protein

It keeps you feeling fuller longer, and can help keep your energy up if you’re dragging because you feel low on sugar. Good protein sources include fish, poultry, and legumes.

Fill up on Fiber

In addition to keeping your digestive system happy, this also will help you feel full. BONUS: a fiber-rich diet can assist with blood sugar management. Veggies and legumes can help!


Intentionally move your body for 20-30 minutes every day to cut stress, boost your energy, and improve your sleep.

Distract your Tastebuds

If you are having a craving, try eating a sour pickle or other bitter/spicy-hot food instead. Follow it up with a drink of water.

Stay Busy

Now’s the time to check some items off your to-do list! Organize a room, read a book, learn something new! Avoid “entertainment eating” (when you eat because you’re bored, or out of habit).

Change your Routine

This allows you to avoid activities you normally associate with eating sweets. For example, if you usually hit the drive-thru for an iced coffee (and maybe a treat to go along with it), make your own coffee at home.

Go to Bed Earlier

If you are having a craving at night and all else fails, make it an early bedtime. Your body could likely use the rest!

You may also check out our article called No Added Sugar Challenge, for even more sugar detox tips.

Join us in this weeks’ 5-Day Sugar Detox Challenge 🙂

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