GLOW Monday Challenge: No Added Sugar Challenge

GLOW Monday Challenge: No Added Sugar Challenge

Do you know how much sugar you eat during the day? Have you ever checked?

There is an easy way to do that: write down everything you eat during the day (be honest!), and then use ingredient labels or simply Google how many grams of sugar each food has and count.

The World Health Organization recommends about 25g (or less!) added sugar per day.

This is because excess sugar intake can spike your blood sugar levels, cause you to feel more hungry, have mood swings, store excess fat, and worse… can cause diabetes and a whole host of other issues.

Think you may be consuming too much sugar?

Here are a few ways you can reduce your daily sugar consumption:

  • Be more aware of what’s in the food you’re eating by reading the labels.
  • Drink more water, especially when you feel like snacking (because cravings could be a sign of dehydration!)
  • Try using coconut sugar instead of regular table sugar (which won’t raise blood sugar nearly as fast).
  • Have healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner (so you’ll be less hungry afterwards and won’t go around hunting for snacks.)
  • Try preparing your meals at home instead of eating out, because that’s one of the surest ways to control what you are eating.

So let’s kick this inflammation-causing fire-starter to the curb and not invite it into your body in the first place.

This week’s challenge is to keep added sugars to UNDER 25 grams per day, each day this week! Sugar that is naturally occurring in the whole foods that you’re eating is ok.

But this means that any recipe that has “sugar” in it should get shuffled to the back of the box! This also means you need to limit the sugar in your coffee and check EVERY label of everything you’re eating this week!

Are you in for this not-so-sweet challenge this week!? Let me know in a comment below!

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