Coffee And Conception

Coffee And Conception

Crave that morning java?  Do you look forward to your trip to the coffee house? Can’t get through the afternoon without that cola (or two, or three)? If you’re thinking about adding a new baby to the family, then you should think about subtracting some of that caffeine from your life.

You’ll need to curb the caffeine during pregnancy anyway (too much caffeine isn’t good for you or your baby), so it’s a good idea to get a head start on decaffeinating now, since cutting down may actually help you get (and stay) pregnant.  Studies show that women with higher consumption of caffeine also high higher rates of infertility.  Plus most medical professionals believe that high caffeine intake (more than five cups a day) may trigger miscarriage.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to forego your cuppa joe completely. 

Just keep it to no more than 2 cups per day, or a total of 200 mg per day.  Be sure to figure in other sources of caffeine as well – a 12 ounce soda typically has a bit more than 50 mg, non-herbal teas (black and green, hot or iced) have about 40 mg, of course those crazy energy drinks can have as much as 80 mg, chocolate contains small amounts of caffeine, and so can prescription and over the counter medications.  Just keep a tally and be sure to stay under the 200 mg limit, and you will be fine.

Avoid withdrawals

If you are a self-proclaimed caffeine fiend and another child is on your wish list, then you will need to cut down. Slow is the way to go. Rather than shocking your system into extreme exhaustion and moodiness by quitting abruptly, gradually lower your caffeine intake. Substitute decaf for some of each cup you normally drink.   Keep reducing the amount of regular and increasing the amount of decaf until your cups are completely caffeine-free.

Another way to cut back on the caffeine in your cup: Make it a latte.  Cut the coffee back to half a cup and fill it to the brim with hot organic whole milk.

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