Healthy Travel Tips

Healthy Travel Tips

Whether you are traveling for business, a family gathering, or some much needed fun in the sun, the break from your routine can throw a wrench in your wellness regimen – but it doesn’t have to.

Getting away may allow you to “unplug” from the stresses of daily life.  And the change of environment will allow for new experiences, new people, and new routines.

However, for some, this can mean packing on extra pounds and back-tracking on your fitness.  The last thing you want is to come home from your trip in need of major repairs. 

So here are 5 things you can do to make sure that you have a blast on your next trip AND come back healthier than when you left!

1. Double Your Exercise

When we are away, sunning at the beach or visiting the local wonders, there are many opportunities to try new forms of exercise.

Running on the beach at sunrise or sunset is a blessing!

Swimming in the ocean can provide a good cardio workout; or swimming laps in the hotel pool at night when the lights are on and the stars are twinkling is a good way to log in exercise time.

Play Play Play!  This is the time to run and romp and play hide and seek with the kids and to try to keep up with their energy bursts.  While we play vigorously, we are also burning up fat cells!

Walking is usually a must while traveling to cities or internationally.  Taking off on foot with comfortable walking shoes will assure that your walks will be an easy way to burn fat.  Most assuredly, the amount of walking we do on vacation far outweighs our brief walks from car to work at home.

In between rigorous exercise, there is always burst training, my favorite activity for rapid fat loss and anti-aging.  No matter what the weather or how busy your schedule, you can fit a quick burst workout in.  Here is how: run in place as fast as you can for 30 seconds to a minute; then rest for 1 minute and repeat the cycle 4-6 times.  Bursting is fat burning and that is just what we need when we over-indulge while away on business or vacation.

2. Have Healthy Snacks on Hand

No matter your destination, you can always find a health food store or local outdoor market that can provide you with an array of beautiful fruits and vegetables.  Bring some Ziploc bags or parchment paper baggies in your suitcase (they’re light and take up no room) and fill them with easy to carry fruits, vegetables and nuts.  That will keep you from indulging in the local “junk food”, and this will also protect your waistline.  Lastly, remove the sugary drinks, booze, candy, etc. from the hotel mini fridge and fill it with a rainbow of fruits, veggies and non-sugary drinks.

3. Pick Indulgences Wisely

If you know that your family wants to visit the famous local greasy pub or pizzeria, then plan that meal strategically and save it for the end of your vacation if possible.  Before visiting that yummy gut-thrasher, the days previous can be filled with a beautiful sampling of fresh-caught fish, grass-fed poultry and meats, vegetables that have been grown locally, and unusual recipes that contain NO grains, sugar or fried anything!  That way, when you finally get to go to that well-deserved cheat restaurant at the end of your trip, you will feel well enough to indulge.  And since it is at the end of your stay, you won’t be able to return because it’s your last day.  And don’t forget, travel with Activated Charcoal to help soak up any toxins ingested and reduce bloat and GI distress after this less than optimal meal.

4. Portion Size Makes a Difference

When we travel it is always tempting to eat much more than our stomachs can handle.  So, remember this rule: meat portions should be the size of a deck of cards, skip the starches, and request a huge serving of vegetables.  The good news is, when you are traveling outside the US, especially in Europe, the portions are much smaller so you might not have to worry about portion size in many vacation spots.

5. Fasting Day

I know this sounds like a challenging suggestion while on vacation, but fasting is an act I practice regularly and has had profound impacts on my health.  One day of fasting would be ideal on a vacation.  If you are staying for longer than a week, then pick one fasting day a week. That doesn’t mean that you have to go a whole day without food.  Here is how you pull it off: practice intermittent fasting by eating a light healthy late breakfast (around 11:30 am) and then skip dinner and breakfast the next morning. Eat again the next day around noon. That will be the equivalent of 24 hours.  Or you can do the opposite, as I often do: skip breakfast, eat a late lunch of protein and fat (between 2-3PM) then eat a Glow Protocol inspired dinner that evening and don’t eat again until the following afternoon.

Make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of bottled water.  The fast will give your digestive track a well-earned break, you cut carbs for 24 hours, and you set yourself up for glowing health for the rest of your vacation.

Bonus Tip:  Skip the fancy blended drinks

No Pina Coladas!  They have 29.65 carbs opposed to a nice 5 oz. glass of red wine that has only 3.8 carbs.  Ask your server for organic red wines.

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