GLOW Monday Challenge: 7-Miles Of Smiles Challenge

GLOW Monday Challenge: 7-Miles Of Smiles Challenge

Let’s take this challenge outside, get a little fresh air, and get that blood flowing!

Your Challenge this week is to rack up 7 miles of walking, jogging, running, skipping, hopping, or whatever your heart desires!

This is in ADDITION to any workouts you do here at GLOW Natural Wellness.

You can walk one mile each day this week or run 7 miles all in one day if you’d like!

The goal is simply to get some fresh air, get that blood pumping, and get those legs moving.

This could be the perfect opportunity to go for a walk every night after dinner, or even spend some quality time with your family (instead of watching TV!).

Are you up for the extra 7 miles this week?!

No excuses, ok?

Leave a comment below if you ACCEPT!

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