Closet Detox For Improved Health

Closet Detox For Improved Health

Doesn’t it feel so good to clean out your closet and get rid of those old clothes that are just taking up space!? How about finally letting go of those pants you’ve been hanging on to forever!

It’s time to purge that closet!

Maybe it’s a pair of your favorite old jeans you used to wear every day that have finally worn down. Or maybe it’s that sweater that is just so comfy but so stretched out it looks like a moo moo.

You might be wondering what this has to do with your health, and the reality is that this has a major impact on your overall wellbeing. It’s not just your clothes, either. Having clutter in your life, whether it’s clothes, items you no longer need/like/want, or even digital clutter, can be a major factor on your health. Digital clutter includes non-stop notifications from emails, texts and social media, news feeds, games and work, for example.

Think about it. When you walk into a room and there’s clutter everywhere, how do you feel? You might feel overwhelmed, tired, sad, angry, scattered, or even start physically not feeling well. Clutter has three main biological and neurological effects on our bodies: our cortisol levels, our creativity and ability to focus, and our experience of pain.

No matter how clutter manages to creep up on us, the ultimate result to our bodies is stress.





Creating a space that is free of clutter – whether this is your living space, work space, garage, or even your car – can make a huge difference in your overall health. When you have a minimal design and less need for stuff, it also reduces the number of decisions you have to make, too. There are fewer things to buy, to replace, to care for and so on. Less stuff has a direct connection to less stress, which means more happiness, more peace, and even a boost in mental and physical energy.

Your challenge this week is to block off some time to get in there and purge! I promise you’ll thank me after!

Check out these 7 recommended questions to ask yourself while deciding:

• Does this fit me?
• Have I worn it anytime within the last year?
• Is it likely I’ll ever wear it again?
• Do I feel confident and good about myself when I wear this?
• Does it reflect my style?
• Have I had this for a while and are the tags still on it!?
• If I saw this in the store right now, would I buy it?

If you answer any NO’s on the questions above, then it’s probably time to say goodbye! While maybe some of these questions don’t apply to non-clothing items, most can be really helpful in determining what to keep and what to get rid of when you declutter.

Once you’ve decided to break up with those items, take a minute to decide if you should donate or sell them.

Now that you’ve made some extra room in your closet, you just may want to go out and get something new!

It feels GREAT to get rid of old things.

Are you ready to say adios to some of those dusty clothes?

Post a comment of something you’re purging in a comment below!

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