3 Minute Hormone Quiz

3 Minute Hormone Quiz

Take the 3-minute hormone quiz to learn your Hormone Type

Take the 3 Minute Hormone Quiz below to determine what your symptoms really mean. Get REAL answers and learn the next steps to turn your exhaustion, confusion, and frustration into understanding and empowerment. Knowing which hormone is causing havoc is the first step in finding a solution and getting your body and mind back.

Which symptoms are you experiencing or have your experience in the last 6 months?

Circle all which apply to you, even if seems repetitive from one section to the next

Hormone Section 1

  • A feeling you’re constantly racing from one task to the next?
  • Feeling wired yet tired?
  • A struggle calming down before bedtime?
  • Difficulty falling asleep or disrupted sleep?
  • You worry about things beyond your control?
  • A quickness to jump to judgment and feel offended?
  • Poor memory or feeling distracted, especially under duress?
  • Sugar cravings (you need “a little something” after each meal?
  • Bone loss (do you have a diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis)?
  • High blood pressure or rapid heartbeat?
  • High blood sugar?
  • Indigestion?
  • More difficulty recovering from physical injury than in the past?
  • Irregular menstrual cycles?

Hormone Section 2

  • Fatigue or burnout ?
  • Loss of stamina, particularly in the afternoon, from two to five?
  • A negative way of thinking?
  • Decreased concentration abilities?
  • Did feeling stress much of the week ?
  • Insomnia or difficulty staying asleep?
  • Low blood pressure (not always a good thing, since your blood pressure determines the correct amount of oxygen to send through your body, especially into your brain)?
  • Postural hypotension (you stand up from lying down and feel dizzy)?
  • You catch every cold that comes into town?
  • Asthma? Bronchitis? Chronic cough? Allergies?
  • Low or unstable blood sugar?
  • Salt cravings?
  • Excess sweating?
  • Muscle weakness, especially around the knee? Muscle or joint pain?

Hormone Section 3

  • PMS or PMDD?
  • Cyclical headaches (particularly menstrual or hormonal migraines)?
  • Painful and/or swollen breasts?
  • Irregular menstrual cycles, or cycles becoming more frequent as you age?
  • Heavy or painful periods ?
  • Bloating, particularly in the ankles and belly, and/or fluid retention ?
  • Ovarian cysts, breast cysts, or endometrial cysts (polyps)?
  • Easily disrupted sleep?
  • Itchy or restless legs, especially at night?
  • Miscarriage in the first trimester?

Hormone Section 4

  • Bloating, puffiness, or water retention?
  • Abnormal Pap smears?
  • Heavy bleeding or postmenopausal bleeding?
  • Rapid weight gain, particularly in the hips and butt?
  • Tender breasts?
  • Fibroids?
  • Endometriosis, or painful periods? (Endometriosis is when
  • pieces of the uterine lining grow outside of the uterine cavity,
  • such as on the ovaries or bowel, and cause painful )
  • Mood swings, PMS, depression, or just irritability?
  • Weepiness, sometimes over the most ridiculous things?
  • Mini breakdowns? Anxiety?
  • Migraines or other headaches?
  • Insomnia?
  • Brain fog?
  • A red flush on your face (or a diagnosis of rosacea)?

Hormone Section 5

  • Poor memory
  • Depression, perhaps with anxiety or lethargy that lasts more than two weeks?
  • Premature wrinkling?
  • Night sweats or hot flashes?
  • Trouble sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night?
  • A leaky or overactive bladder?
  • Bladder infections?
  • Droopy breasts?
  • Achy joints?
  • Minimal interest in exercise?
  • Bone loss as diagnosed by a DEXA test?
  • Vaginal dryness, irritation, itchiness down there?
  • Dry eyes, or just dry skin?
  • Low libido?
  • Painful sex?

Hormone Section 6

  • Constant craving for sweets?
  • Inability to go more than 3 hours without food?
  • Feeling like you need “a little something” after dinner?
  • Get irritable without sugar or bread?
  • You get shaky when you are hungry?
  • Have a waist circumference of more than 35”?

What Your Results Mean….

The more items circled in a section, the higher the probability you have the corresponding imbalance

Section 1= you may have high cortisol

Section 2= you may have low cortisol

Section 3= you may have low progesterone

Section 4= you may have estrogen dominance

Section 5=  you may have low estrogen

Section 6=you may have insulin resistance pre-insulin resistance

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