Melt Off Stubborn, Hard-To-Lose Hormonal Belly Fat

Losing weight after menopause doesn’t have to mean hours on the treadmill and eating cardboard. You can lose that stubborn belly fat even if you’re over 40 or in the midst of menopause, with simple tweaks.

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  • The Truth Behind that Unwanted Belly Fat: Find out the REAL reasons why women gain weight
    around their midsection when they enter menopause and why you can’t stop it with diet and exercise alone. (Hint: It’s not your fault!)

  • Hormones and ‘Meno-Belly’ Connection: Understand how your hormones can sabotage your waistline during menopause, and how to take control.

  • 6 Breathtakingly Simple Menopause Belly Hacks: Learn the simple tricks that have helped thousands of women balance their hormones and shed pounds during menopause.

  • Foods That Can Actually Keep You Away From Your Flat Tummy Goals: Discover the so-called
    ‘healthy foods’ that are secretly holding you back from wiggling into your skinny jeans (and what to eat instead).

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