Pay for all Your Favorite Glow Natural Wellness Products with Your Tax-Free HSA/FSA money

Truemed allows you to reimburse your supplements, lab tests, and wellness programs from your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Paying yourself back with pre-tax dollars saves an average of $42 for every $100 spent.

  • Complete a free, 2-minute survey

  • Receive a letter of medical necessity

  • Pay yourself back from your HSA, HRA, or FSA

Common Questions

What Are HSA And FSAs? Do I Have One?

Answer: Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSA) And Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Offer A Tax-Free Method To Pay For Approved Medical Expenses.These Accounts Are Typically Established And Overseen By An HSA Or FSA Administrator. To Access Your HSA/FSA Administrator, Consult Your Employer’s Human Resources (HR) Department.

Do I Need An HSA Or FSA Card?

Answer: No. Continue Buying Your Glow Natural Wellness Items And Services Using Your Usual Credit Or Debit Card (Not Linked To HSA/FSA). Once Approved, Truemed Will Supply The Necessary Paperwork For You To File A Reimbursement Request With Your HSA/FSA Administrator. You Have The Option To File These Claims One At A Time Or Collectively At The Year’s End.

Login To Your Radiant Rewards Account To Obtain Receipts For Your Purchases To Submit To Your HSA/FSA Provider.

How Long Does HSA Or FSA Reimbursement Take?

Answer: The Majority Of FSA/HSA Administrators Will Typically Approve Your Expenses Within A Few Days Once You Submit Them Along With Your Truemed Letter Of Medical Necessity. However, The Specific Timeframe Can Differ Depending On Your Particular Administrator.

How Do I Get Reimbursed For Subscription Purchases?

Answer:Pay With Your Normal Method, Then Click The Link On Your Purchase Receipt To Complete The Medical Eligibility Survey. You Will Be Emailed A Letter Of Medical Necessity, Which You Can Submit Along With Your Purchase Receipts, In Order To Get Reimbursed Through Your HSA/FSA Funds. Typically Your Expenses Will Be Approved Within Two Business Days, Although The Exact Timing Will Vary Based On Your Administrator.

I Don’t Have Enough Funds In My HSA/FSA Account To Reimburse The Full Purchase. Can I Partially Reimburse?

Answer:Yes, You Can Go Ahead And Request A Partial Refund. Let’s Say You Buy Something That’s Eligible For $100 But You’ve Only Got $60 In Your Account. In That Case, You Can Use The $60 From Your Account To Help Cover The Cost, And Just Pay The Rest Of The $40 Like You Normally Would.