Your Primary Hormone Imbalance Is Low Testosterone

What is Testosterone?

While often associated with males, testosterone is also important for women’s vitality, mood, and muscle health. Women of all ages can experience testosterone imbalances.


Low levels of testosterone in women can cause decreased libido, fatigue, muscle weakness, mood swings, and difficulty concentrating.

What You Can Do: Lifestyle

  • Engage in strength training exercises to support muscle health and testosterone levels

  • Consume foods rich in protein, zinc, such as nuts and seeds.

    • Prioritize restful sleep and stress reduction.

What You Can Do: Supplements

Consider supplementing with an all-in-one multinutrient with adrenal support such as Daily GLOW as well as an adaptogenic sleep and stress nighttime formula like GLOW PM.  If Vitamin D levels are not optimal, consider supplementing with a highly bioavailable form of D3 and K1+K2, like Sol Mate. Research shows that Vitamin D supplementation can increase testosterone levels by as much as 30% in those who are deficient.

To support natural testosterone production consider adding VENUS and Goddess Drops to your supplement regime to help with libido, energy, muscle synthesis, and cognitive function and they contain herbs clinically beneficial for healthy testosterone levels.

What You Can Do: Hormone Replacement

To restore healthy testosterone levels consider bioidentical hormone replacement withThe Healthy Hormone Club. We will test your hormone levels and restore estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone to optimally balanced levels so you can feel your best. 


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