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Say Good-Bye to Hot Flashes, Sleep Difficulties, Weight Gain, Mood Swings, Lack of Libido, Vaginal Dryness, Brain Fog, and Fatigue.

Contrary to popular belief, these symptoms are NOT a normal part of aging – and they ARE a sign of something going wrong.

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Introducing the BREAKTHROUGH Digital Edition of Hormone Harmony

In Hormone Harmony over 35, celebrity Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Michelle Sands reveals a groundbreaking systems-based approach to hormone balance.

This is the FIRST and only physician-authored guide that exposes the primary triggers of hormonal symptoms and provides a New Natural Approach to Limitless Female Health.

Hormone Harmony goes beyond replacing hormones and instead focuses on fixing the problem using a previously overlooked natural hormonal loophole that provides true relief to midlife hormonal symptoms. This is not a pill for an ill approach, but rather a completely transformative approach to limitless female health

Dr. Michelle shares her evidence based, clinically proven 21 Day Plan to restore hormone balance, reduce stress, and detoxify the body naturally inside the pages of this must-have resource.

“I Used To Believe That I Was Broken..That There Was Nothing I Could Do…I Felt Stuck, Sad, and Betrayed By My Own Body…”

Hi, I'm Dr. Michelle

This book has helped many women like you overcome their hormone struggles, but it was created out of my own need to find answers for myself. It wasn’t long ago that my hormones ruled my life. I suffered from debilitating symptoms from which numerous doctors and specialist seemed to have no answers. I lost faith in myself, and hope for my future…

For the majority of my life, I struggled with constant fatigue, embarrassing acne, unpredictable digestive issues, period problems and mood swings that made me wonder who I really was. Most days it felt as if I was moving through quicksand and I struggled both physically and mentally just to make it through the day.

I pushed through these symptoms the only way I knew how: with over the counter medications, exercise (when I could), and healthy eating. As time went on, things got worse…by the time I was a sophomore in college I was taking over 46 pills each day to manage my pain, digestive issues, fatigue and insomnia. I tried to eat healthy and I was getting plenty of exercise, but my body just wasn’t cooperating with me.

I Spent Years Trying To Fix My Hormones

I traveled to experts in all facets of medicine – endocrinologists, chiropractors, Chinese Medicine practitioners, energy healers – anyone who said they could help. Doctors visits became my pastime. I was a good patient, I followed all my doctors instructions, filled every prescription, kept every appointment, underwent expensive treatments, therapies and counseling. Despite all my efforts, I was taking one step forward and two steps back. I’d often cry myself to sleep out of pure frustration. I wondered why no one could really help me. It just didn’t seem right. I was doing everything I was told, yet making very little progress. I wanted to just give up, but something inside me told me to keep looking.

I decided to further my education, working towards my natural medicine degree. This is when I started to see holes in everything that I knew up until then. And connecting the dots between all of my symptoms and my ovarian failure. I went from being a hamster on a wheel chasing solutions to a rat in the lab experimenting on myself day after day. I ran every test I could find, read every article and paper published and started to put the pieces together.

After Over a Decade of Research, I discovered a hormonal loophole and developed a proven hormone healing framework using the principals of nature.

I reversed my autoimmunity, restored my microbiome, detoxed my system, balanced my hormones -AND gave birth to the love of my life -Paxton Emerson Sands, (despite what doctors had told me over and over again).

Since then, I have perfected and shared this system with thousands of women all over the world to help them overcome a wide range of hormonal symptoms such as: weight loss resistance, fatigue, bloating, digestive distress, low libido, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, irritability, lack of focus, brain fog and more.

The point is that no matter how bad you feel or how many doctors you have seen, you have the power to heal, grow and thrive.

A Must Read For Every Woman

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Everything You Need To Understand And Overcome Your Hormonal Imbalances Into This Guide:

  • A Comprehensive Hormone Self-Assessment to give you a better idea of which hormones are causing problems for you

  • Quick Reference Guide to Each Important Hormone including: Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Cortisol, Melatonin, Thyroid, HGH, Leptin, Ghrelin, and Insulin – so you understand the signs that they may be out of balance

  • Which Lab Test to ask your doctor for, understanding your results, and how to order your own tests

  • The cutting-edge clinically proven 5 Step Plan to balance hormones and reverse chronic inflammation without dangerous drugs and expensive procedures

  • The most effective natural and herbal compounds to balance hormones, and how to get bioidentical hormones – even without a prescription

  • Improved Moods and Feeling of Confidence So You Can Feel Like Yourself Again.

  • The COMPLETE Physician prescribed 21 Day Plan to Balance Hormones Naturally which includes: Hormone Balance Recipes, Shopping Lists Meal Plans, Hormone Specific Supplement Protocols, Metabolism Boosting Detox Strategies, Mindset Tools, and Daily Protocol Sheets to So You Know Exactly What to Do When.

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