Sneaky Fitness Tips

Sneaky Fitness Tips

We’re all busy with jam-packed schedules, and sometimes fitting in time to workout can be a struggle. Maybe it’s just one of those days where you have some time, but you’re tired and can’t quite get motivated to get your body moving. I get it. I want to encourage you to get moving in some unexpected ways so that you can be more active throughout your day.

Increasing your fitness levels is easy with these quick tips to sneak in a little aerobics and strength training to your daily routine.

Wear a Pedometer What you measure, you improve. You can’t truly know how much or how little you move until you count the steps. 10,000 steps is ideal, but if you’re new to exercising, you might need to work your way up to that. Start with a goal of getting in 2500 steps per day and work up over the course of a week or two. There are tons of smart watches and apps on the market that can help you track your steps and your workouts.

Dance Like No One Is Watching. From the waltz to hip hop, time spent out on the dance floor makes you healthier in heart, body and spirit. If you can’t go out dancing, make your living room the dance floor – turn the lights down, music up and off you go!  This is especially handy when the little ones are bored!

Park Far Away. You’ll add extra steps to your daily quota plus you might score open spaces next to your vehicle perfect for getting out car seats and strollers, and it’s a great way to help avoid those irritating door dings. The best part – you get in a few extra steps and you’re not dealing with the stress of fighting for a front row parking space!

Be A Tight Ass  Do isometric butt squeezes while sitting at your desk, in traffic, or on the phone.  Aim for 10 to 15 squeezes with a 5 second hold, and you’ll be on your way to gorgeous glutes. Another great option is to do a few squats each hour during the work day. Set yourself a reminder at a certain time each hour – stand up from your desk, do a set of 10 – 15 squats and get back to work.

Take the Stairs. Better than a machine, steps work a full set of leg, bum and even stomach muscles. Plus, you get some great cardio. If you have a few extra minutes – go back down and up again. People will think you are strange – but it is better to be that strange fit person, than that normal unhealthy person, right??

Walk Rover The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, says at the very least, every dog needs one good walk a day. Guess what… so do you.  No dog? Ask your neighbor to walk theirs. They will like you more and the dog will be too tired to bark at night. No neighbors with a dog? Just get out there and walk anyway!

Mow Your Own Lawn. Unless you are clearing an acre, a push mower is healthy for you and the environment. Go green and stay lean!!! As a side note, this also applies to other yard work, cleaning the house and so forth. Those chores are hard work – and a great way to be productive while working up a sweat.

Give yourself a RaiseDo calf raises when waiting in line at the grocery store- the longer the wait – the fitter you’ll be! This is another great exercise to do every hour during the work day. Set that reminder for yourself, and get up from your desk to move your body.

Stroll to Shop. Buy a folding shopping cart or a backpack and walk to the grocery store or nearby shopping area. You’ll burn up calories and maybe save money because you are less likely to pile on things not on your list if you have to push them those extra miles. A beach cruiser with a basket does the trick as well. Weather keeping you from walking to the store? Drive to the mall and get to walking! You can check out all the latest styles while getting in some extra steps – just be sure to occasionally pick up the pace as you go!

Crunch. Not on chips, crunch your muscles.  Before you drag yourself out from under the covers, do as many tummy crunches as you can. Add one more each day until you reach a rock hard 100.

Curl. No, I’m not talking about your hair. Keep a pair of light weights (2-5 pounds) or even a couple of soup cans next to your desk or the couch. Every hour during the day, or during commercials when watching tv, grab those weights and do a few reps of some bicep curls or tricep lifts. Start with one set of 10 – 15 reps and then see how many you can add in during your break.

Pace. Walk around while you are on the phone. Do lunges or squats when you are put on hold.

Change Your Routine. Don’t plop in front of the television after dinner. Make an after-meal stroll part of your family activities.

Be Inventive. Take a walk around your office building every hour. Run in place during each commercial. Stretch while on the phone. Do squats while waiting for your coffee to brew.

We’re all running around like crazy (or stuck at a desk) all day, so being mindful about movement and finding creative ways to fit it in each day are key. Every one of these sneaky fitness tips can be incorporated into your busiest day and without messing with your schedule (or your hair). 

Tell us: How are you going to sneak in some extra movement or exercise today?

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