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Freedom from what derails you

Easily make changes

With the full power of alignment

You have tried it all…. This time it will be different.

Are you ready to easily and quickly make the changes you’ve always wanted without self sabotage? No more one step forward and two steps back!

You are not alone; for most people it can feel hard and frustrating to change. Despite all the hard work. Even with the best information and the best intentions, you end up off course… yet again!

happy girl thinking

What you might not realize is that your past programming (aka subconscious/unconscious mind) is actively sabotaging your best efforts to change. Your mind’s #1 job is to keep you safe in what is familiar; we are currently fighting against our past conditioning. It’s like skipping with cement boots on. It’s a whole lot of effort to not get very far.

The past programming is holding you back; the past events or traumas you may have experienced are not what is derailing you. The story your mind has created about those past events is what is keeping you stuck and why you always end up back where you started.

But not this time..

Let me show you how to finally address and upgrade your mind’s programming, so you can create alignment in your life and can easily move forward into creating your dreams.

Jen is affectionately referred to by Dr. Michelle Sands as the C.T.O (Chief Transformation Officer) of Glow Natural Wellness. 

Jen Lawton, is an inspirational joy and empowerment MIND-BODY BREAKTHROUGH specialistCertified Master Life Transformation/NLP Coachmotivational speaker and Certified Master Hypnotherapist specializing in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT*). She masterfully blends powerful conscious/subconscious tools and techniques like RTT (*releases blocks and limiting beliefs) with effective healing modalities like HeartMath and EFT/TFT, to process what is holding people back from living their passion.

But not this time..

Let me show you how to finally address and upgrade your mind’s programming, so you can create alignment in your life and can easily move forward into creating your dreams.

Many people live with chronic stress, experiencing overwhelm, depression/anxiety and lack of energy/ fulfillment. Clients learn to quickly access their calm/healing response and peak performance habits using new insights and mind-body tools to move past the “I’ll feel better when..” trap into the tremendous power of creating “feel good NOW”! Jen loves to harness the power of the mind so people get results exponentially faster

Jen Lawton

Jennifer Lawton, RTTP, MHT

Her clients report enjoying better sleep, health and increased clarity, mood and energy as they find their aligned path forward into joy and empowered healing. Jen delivers results with love, warmth and fun, as clients quickly make powerful changes to achieve what they most desire.

Tired of feeling like you are swimming upstream? Tired of feeling stuck or are you just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Do you want to quickly and easily make consistent, powerful changes that give you real results?

woman with an idea

Experts now estimate as much as 90-95% of our thoughts, and therefore, behaviors are coming from the subconscious and unconscious mind. Have you ever driven somewhere and then noticed you really do not remember driving the car? Your conscious mind perhaps was focused on your to-do list and so your subconscious took over for you; it is like we are running through our day on auto-pilot!

Jen describes making changes like this: You, as an adult, want to make a healthy change like working out more or letting go of sugar. So, imagine you as an adult are driving a car and the new habit is represented by turning right.

You have the blinker on to turn right. You are prepared to turn right. Yet, behind the scenes, the car decided to turn the LEFT blinker on, and steer that direction.

This is how your subconscious mind works – it has the job of “protecting you,” and it has linked fear/danger/pain to the “new” desire.


Bust Through Your Subconscious Blocks And Self Sabotage?

girls running

Increased Energy

woman sitting in a hammock


smiley face on a road

Better health and mood

young man relaxing and enjoying a mountain view

Stress reduction/mental clarity

woman taking a coffee break

Life Balance and Enjoyment

woman with sore neck and back

Pain Management

female tourist with arms spread

Freedom from self-sabotage

woman sleeping peacefully

Improved sleep

woman flexing muscles

Improved and sustained energy

woman enjoying the sea

Life Balance

woman standing in flower garden


Feel Good Now!

Transformation Method is The Answer…

Unlike traditional coaching which only works with the conscious mind, the Feel Good NOW! Transformation Method combines both conscious and subconscious tools & techniques to create alignment between what you want and what you do consistently!

It works by combining the power of an innovative form of hypnotherapy and Jen’s own signature coaching process, which together has radically transformed the lives of people around the world.

Using modalities such as coaching, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, visualization, EFT/TFT, HeartMath and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), it produces a rapid, transformative and lasting effect on your healing and your life.

What Makes This Type Of Therapy Different?

woman and man having a meeting

Feel GOOD NOW! Transformation Method applies an innovative form of hypnotherapy (RTT*) in combination with coaching to treat the root cause of your issues, not just the symptoms. Without the roadblocks from your past you will make powerful changes faster and easier.

In just one, three hour session, you will uncover the underlying reasons for your challenge/issue and change it at the subconscious level which creates a powerful emotional release and freedom for transformation to be made quickly and with ease.

Using the Feel GOOD NOW! Transformation Method, we then work with you to stop unhealthy patterns at the subconscious and conscious level and integrate powerful new belief systems, allowing you to heal and correct unaddressed issues quickly so you can finally live your ideal life.


Transformation Method Work?

The Feel Good NOW! Transformation Method has five steps that guide you into the calm, healing response your body needs so that you can truly live with joy, live in harmony with your body, and ultimately pursue your passions.


What do you REALLY want? What is getting in the way? This step is about identifying and removing the past programming that is sabotaging your current results! One client said, “it was like I was trying to skip with cement boots on!” This first step is about creating clarity and FREEDOM from the sabotage that is undermining your future.


YOUR aligned CHOICES and new empowering beliefs are instilled in your mind! We work together to make sure that your mind is aligned and EXCITED about what you are creating. We make peak performance your new familiar, with focus from your mind on reaching the target. You now have the power of your subconscious and unconscious mind working FOR you instead of derailing your progress.


Now that there is alignment with your choices, we concentrate on making sure that your energy and actions are focused on activities, thoughts, and habits that create energy. We look for any places that drain your energy so that you can sustain peak performance all day, in all areas!


Continuing to add to the Feel Good NOW! tools and rewarding your success, you rewire your brain into this state. Your body and mind look to feel good over time as this neural pathway is visited and strengthened over time. This habit of creating your Feel Good NOW is the new normal. It goes from something you DO to someone you ARE.


Once there is alignment with what you say you want and what you do, we work together to determine how to best support you living in your PASSION. With the energy of a system in the calm and healing response, feeling aligned with your choices and habits creates the desire in the heart and mind to pursue what you are passionate about. The sky’s the limit!

What Should You Expect When Working With Jen?

therapist with her patient

Jen says, “there is tremendous healing power to bringing in the ‘feel good’ NOW. I used to say I will feel good when I feel better, and that is partially true; however, there are so many powerful tools to help people shift and create their feel good NOW. Clients learn to harness the power of their minds, remove blocks, and empower themselves so they heal exponentially faster!”

As you work alongside Jen, she will help you uncover the meaning and interpret events so that you can change them.

Using power tools like RTT*, Jen helps to draw out ‘unfinished business’, such as addressing the trauma that you may have been holding onto for many years.

What is truly fascinating is it is not the event itself that usually causes us trouble, but what the mind makes it mean that becomes an issue. Jen works with her clients to remove the meanings that no longer help, and instill the empowering and exciting thoughts to create what you most desire!


Bust Through Your Subconscious Blocks And Self Sabotage?

woman doing situps

Increased Energy

woman measuring her waist


happy woman in a field


delighted woman ok sign

Better overall health and mood

young woman doing yoga

Stress reduction /mental clarity

happy woman sitting on sofa using a laptop

Life balance and enjoyment

woman looking in mirror having neck pain

Pain management

woman traveler with camera

Freedom from self-sabotage

woman in bed wearing sleeping mask

Improved sleep

couple jogging

Improved and sustained energy

family enjoying vacation on a beach

Life balance

carefree happy girl waving head


As a Life Transformation Coach (aka JOY, INSPIRATION and Happiness Coach), Speaker and Holistic Health Educator Jennifer Lawton is committed to supporting and inspiring people to regain their health, transform their lives and manifest their Soul’s purpose (JOY/ DREAMS).

Her warmth, humor and unconditional love has touched the hearts and minds of youth and adults everywhere.

With her attentive listening and non-judgmental loving approach, she is dedicated to teaching connection and communication tools that truly transform lives. She is also passionate about helping others return to vibrant health after life’s greatest challenges.

Jen Lawton

Jennifer Lawton, RTTP, MHT

Using healing, communication, and connection tools along with the power of unconditional love, Jen helps inspire others to live their best life.

At the age of 40, Jen (manifested) met the man of her dreams, was married at 41, celebrated being pregnant at 42 and felt beyond blessed to welcome a healthy baby boy at 43.

Faced with postpartum depression, sleep deprivation and hormone imbalances, she was left feeling overwhelmed, tired and burned out. Jen shares both her challenges and her story of overcoming adversities with a message of hope and the power to heal.

She uses strategies for success and tools that are the same as those that helped transform her own life to return to her natural state of joy and health and help inspire others to heal themselves also.

She has learned that there is a power in listening to others with an open heart; when someone is heard – truly authentically heard – they can move on to being more joyful, present, healing and thus transforming their life.

With vast knowledge, passion and experience in many different health and wellness therapies, Jen’s experience includes NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Emotional Freedom(EFT)/TFT, and hypnotherapy, as well as powerful conflict resolutions skills and communication techniques. She has teaching tools such as the power of a true apology, forgiveness and truly moving on.

Understanding that everyone is different and life is never a one size fit all, Jen believes in creating personal strategies based on the individual needs and goals of each person. She masterfully utilizes both conscious and subconscious mind tools and techniques and is passionate about combining powerful and effective transformation/healing modalities to help clients quickly release what is holding them back in healing and in life. Clients gain insights and strategic tools addressing mind body resets and healing/calm response tools. Jen delivers sessions and results with love, warmth and fun to help clients make the changes in their lives and create alignment to heal and achieve what they most desire.

A Note From Jen

Hi, I am Jen, welcome….. I am so happy that you are here. I would love to share a little bit about my healing journey with you. Perhaps you will relate with my story a little or a lot; either way please know there is a way back to yourself and to feeling good NOW! I found my smile, my power and my feel good again and so can you!

“When I was in the darkest place…. All I could focus on and talk about was how bad I felt and how little I was sleeping. I felt like I had failed my son and because I had so many tools I felt like I should be feeling and doing better! I remember thinking I wonder if I will ever smile again and mean it… it was like all my sunshine (joy) was buried in deep clouds!

ALL of my “I am not good enough” stories took over my world… I am not a good enough mother or cook. I am not smart enough, I am not getting in shape fast enough, he is not sleeping through the night so I am not a good enough sleep trainer…. You name it I felt it.

The turning point was actually a summit Dr. Michelle Sands did years ago for Mommies over 35. I started to remember some of my previous training and tools. I started to feel HOPE.

Hope matters. Hope is a higher vibration than guilt, shame and fear. By thinking and talking about my struggles constantly, I was living in draining thoughts and energy. So, once I talked with Dr. Michelle and watched the summit, I felt INSPIRED and said over and over again, “I will find a way into her program. I will work with her. I will learn from her. I’d love to be friends with these doctors and healers.

Saying, I want to be on stage again turned into ‘I will be on stage again helping others heal. I want to use my voice to help others.’

Now, what I did not know at the time was I had started using my imagination to spark my creative visualizing. How could I get into the program? How could I start seeing myself as helping others?

My vision of myself changed; my identity, and therefore, my choices changed. My focus changed and I started working on being the mommy that not only helped my son and family, but other families. I imagined myself back on stage with a microphone, looking and feeling healthy and powerful.

Now, a few years later I am a speaker on a SUMMIT. I am very literally working alongside Dr. Michelle, and it is really a special honor to come full circle and BE a guest on her summit.

I deeply thank and honor Dr. MIchelle Sands and also my powerful mind for helping me create a new vision of my life.”

Jen is a wife, proud mother and CEO (Chief Everything Officer) to her spirited and loving 5-year-old son. She is also a workshop facilitator in bullying prevention and self-esteem building and has worked with well over 100,000 youth in schools and workshops throughout Northern California. She worked with and volunteered for many non-profit organizations including Challenge Day and Soul Shoppe, who have reached children and adults all over the world.

Her once passion for sprint triathlons has been replaced with sprinting after a 5-year-old. Jen resides in Santa Cruz and enjoys time in nature, meditation and yoga, reading and spending time with her beautiful family.

Jen Lawton

Jennifer Lawton, RTTP, MHT

What Clients Are Saying

My work with Jen in Rapid Transformational Therapy (“RTT”) sessions addressed my top core issues and changes I wanted to make in my life. For me, it came down to overcoming an issue since childhood of not being good enough. Using unique techniques including hypnotherapy, Jen not only taught me how to communicate with my subconscious mind but also how to directly access my blocks as a way of healing my mind and body. RTT is helping me to create new pathways in my mind while removing old ones that get in the way of my happiness. It has improved my self-care for my “Little” as well as for my current self. I have continued to listen to my personalized transformational recording even after the recommended 21 days because frankly it makes me feel happier. I can’t thank you enough Jen for what you have brought into my life.”
Cynthia J. (CFO) – Washington
I have been working with Jen on de-stressing and general happiness since May 2019. Jen has a wealth of tools she used to help me through an incredibly stressful job situation and create a sense of general happiness. Introducing me to Tapping and HeartMath were lifesaving as I managed through the most challenging work environments of my career. Her processes to reset my mind and implement personal care such as staying in the present moment (“Right Here Right Now”), reminding me of my own brilliance and value, becoming aware of my thoughts so I could make different choices, and instilling a sense of safety and happiness, has been life changing. My favorite in Jen’s toolbox sums up my experience with her – ‘Very Good, Very Good, Yeah!
“Lynne”, Vice President, Fortune 100 Company
Jen Lawton has helped me to find my center and my smile again. From the moment we first talked, I was able to shift my energy through her wise guidance. She has continued to inspire me in many ways. She pulls from a variety of tools that has helped me to make positive changes in my life. She is open to quickly changing modalities. If one thing isn’t helpful, then she quickly shifts to something else that does. It seems her “tools” are endless. Jen’s use of RTT has been a powerful and easy way to understand and heal my childhood traumas. This therapy has helped me to understand how I, as a young child, created ways of coping with my life. This RTT approach is helping me to shift from a destructive way of coping with life to positive ways. RTT after just a few short weeks helped me to feel appreciation and love for myself. I’ve had a lot of therapy but at no time have I been able to let go of my dislike for myself until working with her. She has given me a new way of seeing myself with compassion and love. She helped me emotionally accept myself and see myself differently. Jen is definitely an inspirational coach who is helping me to heal childhood trauma and to change the way I see myself – love instead of contempt, and hope instead of despair. I highly recommend Jen to anyone that wants to change the way they see themselves and the world.
Amy B. Office Manager, Texas
When we have an understanding that health can’t always be improved by just diet and weight loss, we need guidance on how to find that “something deeper” within us to help start the healing. Jen was the gem the Universe provided to me with support and guidance through coaching, “stress reduction” tools, and RTT hypnosis. I needed a switch from the typical menopause & blood sugar imbalance weight loss woes. Her encouragement throughout the mind & soul connection process has been a blessing. To have Jen as my “mind/body” coach is a true joy. Yay me!!
Angela- Accountant, Texas

Feel Good NOW! Transformation Method is tailored for you to help you FINALLY achieve peace of mind.

Your mind is your most valuable asset, and this program gives you everything you need to create permanent and powerful changes in how you see yourself and the world.

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