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Heal your metabolism and your hormones

Drop pounds and gain Energy in Just 3 Weeks

Have you been trying to lose the last 10-15 pounds for what seems like forever? Are you in a relationship with the snooze button on your alarm clock? Are you feeling as bloated and swollen as the Goodyear blimp? Are you exhausted before you even think about breakfast? Do you look in the mirror and long for the clear skin of your youth?

Your hormones, metabolism, and immune system could be working together to help you feel better. But they’ve been damaged and stretched beyond what’s reasonable and it’s keeping your body from feeling as good as it can feel.

It’s Time To Reset

Too Much Pressure, Not Enough Pleasure

Stress and inflammation are keeping you from enjoying life. They cause problems in your relationships, in your work, and most notably …in your body. Hormone resistance and imbalance can make you a nightmare to be around. And sex? All you are in the mood for is Netflix and snacks. (Heavy on the snacks.)  Even if you are in the mood you feel so insecure about your looks that you don’t even dare to get sexy.

The truth is sometimes we can all be a little too sensitive… to the food we eat. Food sensitivities can create that inflammation and all sorts of other issues that you simply don’t need.

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From Bad BMs, Blahs… to Balance

In this 21-day reset, you have all the information you need to make actionable and radical shifts in your wellness. You can identify food sensitivities, remove toxins from your body, improve your sleep and nutrition while boosting your mindset to keep you focused on getting better consistent health.

Find out how to get your metabolism back on track with the 21-Day Metabolic Rehab and Hormone Makeover

I love Dr. Sands approach of finding the root cause of health issues. Her Knowledge in how to use a natural approach to allow the body to heal is much safer than prescription drugs! She is the BEST at understanding how to balance hormones and her programs are simply amazing. Highly recommend Dr. Sands to anyone looking for real and lasting solutions for their health!
Elena Villanueva
Dr Michelle and her team are the REAL deal; she is as knowledgeable as she is caring and approachable. I truly appreciate her unique balance of positivity and effective strategies for healing! I already feel so much better; my energy and mood are improving immensely! Thank you!!
Jen L
Dr. Michelle is a caring and compassionate holistic practitioner. She is very patient and generous with her time. Her wealth of knowledge in natural medicine is incredible. I feel blessed to have found her!
Lois Essenfeld

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