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Ready… Set… GLOW

Introducing…The Glow Protocol

Heal Yourself and Get Results. Modern Medicine Promises. The Glow Protocol delivers.

So many women come to me

Baffled by their medical condition

They have been let down by doctors, they’ve gone through endless tests and they aren’t any closer to the answers they need to start feeling better. They are frustrated, tired, and sick. 

Their suffering is completely unnecessary because the truth is: they can heal themselves. They just don’t know how yet. We are the experts of our bodies and our bodies were designed to heal themselves. We just need to know how to listen to our bodies’ cues and adjust accordingly.

Dr. Michelle in white dress

Wellness is Unlimited and Available

I help women systematically use the latest science, the grounded principles of holistic naturopathic medicine, and mind-body medicine to learn how to heal themselves. I created a 5 step system called the Glow Protocol to let women take charge of their health and wellness while improving their quality of life.

This game-changing process personalizes protocols around your unique genetics, addresses every single major system of the body holistically – defense and immune, hormones and neurotransmitters, digestion and nutrient status, detoxification, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and more.

Your body is always trying to balance itself. But it needs your help now more than ever. In these chaotic times we are overwhelmed with environmental oppressors and constant emotional anarchy. Our bodies have never had to deal with this content loop of trauma before. That’s where the Glow Protocol comes in.

Get Ready To Glow

Glow Protocol

finds the root causes of your condition

systematically removes those root causes

helps your body change its physiology 

removes those biological triggers

turns on your self-healing capabilities


The System

The Glow Protocol helps you live with less pain, teaches you to balance your hormones, and helps you make sense of the symptoms your body is using to try and communicate with you. It’s like a universal translator for the secret language of your body that helps you manage all of the aggressors ravaging your health. 

Anybody can master this system. You don’t need advanced education or a mystical guru. You just need an open mind, a desire to change, and a willingness to unlearn myths that have been long packaged as truth.

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Step 1

Define Your Current State of Health and Desired Future State

Woman Making Healthy Juice Drink With Fresh Ingredients In Electric Juicer After Exercise


Identify and Remove Blocking Factors to Healing

Group of happy friends showing signs


Nourish and Support All Systems of the Body Holistically

happy woman


Achieve and Maintain Balance

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Thrive - Breakthrough to Setpoints of Health and Wellbeing

All that Glimmers Deserves to GLOW

You Are NOT your hormones.
You Are NOT your diagnosis or symptoms.

You are so much more than that. You are a leader, a nurturer, a creator, a lover, a partner, a friend. You are the infinite power of the universe. But right now, the only thing that seems infinite is the struggles you are currently experiencing and the supply of nonsense advice all around you.

At 40 lbs overweight, April didn’t think anything would work. She found Dr. Michelle through a referral from a co-worker and decided to give one last try.

Lisa had no idea what naturopathic medicine was, she gave it a shot since nothing else was working. Little did she know, her life was about to change.


Not sure which program is best for you?

Our expert coaches are happy to help you find the perfect match.