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RosY Koehl

Holistic Hormone Specialist

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by- my name is Rosy. I am thrilled that you made it to GLOW Natural Wellness; whether a prospective client or an active client- making the effort to show up for yourself is step one!

I have been warmly welcomed to work with an awesome team of women on the Healthy Hormone Club at GLOW Natural Wellness as a Holistic Hormone Specialist.

Together we coach women how to live healthier lives with the support of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), adapting whole food nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices. It is a pleasure to “walk” alongside women just like me, who just want to feel how our bodies were designed to feel when everything is “working right”- which is AMAZING!

I have worked in the medical field as an Army Medic/Mental Health Tech, and as a Registered Nurse in hospital and clinic settings, mostly in conventional medicine. I recently had an opportunity to work at an Integrative Clinic as an infusion nurse working with MD’s, ND’s, Acupuncturists, Herbalists, Chiropractors and Licensed Family
Therapists- it made the world of a difference to be a part of a system that incorporated a Holistic approach and helped people find the root causes of their ailments to find healing.

My personal struggles with chronic health issues sent me on a journey to learn how to HEAL my Body and Mind through Integrative Medicine; along with various alternative therapy modalities. As a lifelong learner, I continue to gain so much knowledge about health and wellness outside of traditional nursing school and Western Medicine. Everyone has their own definition of health and what they do to achieve that. Personally, a Holistic approach to health and wellness is one that has served my family and I very well; encompassing the whole person- Body, Mind and Spirit.

Through my own journey of physical healing; I have also spent many years focusing on healing the negative health effects of trauma with clinicians specialized in different techniques; such as Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR Therapy,and healing the effects of Trauma of the Inner Child. The mind is powerful, and it can work in your favor if you are open and allowing.

I am passionate about mental health and a huge proponent of healthy relationships and boundaries in order to live a peaceful life. Giving your healthiest “No” to someone/something and giving yourself your best “YES!” has served me well in my healing journey. I have made it my promise and duty to pave a healthier path for my
children and their children and their children’s children; God-willing.

I’m married to my husband and life-partner of 14 years, who I wish to grow old with. He’s been an active duty Marine for 18 years. We have two children, two dogs, one bird, and a fish. Being a mom has been an absolute JOY and I continue to learn everyday through and with my children. I am very proud of them! We’ve had our share of moving, and I’d like to have a break from that! But I am grateful that the military has taken us
places I wouldn’t have voluntarily ventured to. I am thankful for all the experiences, and
the great people we’ve met along the way!

I am a San Diego native but am excited to be retiring in the small town of Yuma, AZ; and looking forward to exploring the desert and mountains with my family. I love God, my faith is a very important part of my life. I love my country and love serving those who have served and sacrificed for us. It brings me joy to help and serve others, serving in my local community, with non-profits and/or church is a big part of my life. Also, if you
haven’t noticed, I really enjoy writing- maybe one day, I’ll write a book! Traveling, live music, hearing the crashing of waves and the smell of rain; make me smile inside. Food, real food, makes me so happy- food is medicine, and gathering is food for the soul. Cooking really excites me! I will share- although I’m very territorial of my kitchen, I thoroughly enjoy hosting and entertaining! Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my daughter’s happy-food-dance when that first bite hits the spot. You can find my kids and I having dance parties and singing in the kitchen too.

I feel blessed to be a part of the GLOW Team and be a part of something bigger, bringing true transformation into women’s lives! I am passionate about helping women feel great and encouraging them to commit to lifelong changes to live a brighter quality of life. Through my own journey of healing, I am able to see women through a lens of grace and compassion. I am very passionate about educating and empowering
patients/clients so that they can be better health advocates. We all have a story- but it’s what your story does “FOR” you, rather than what it does “to” you and the tribe you surround yourself with, that makes all the difference. Turning pain into purpose has been a theme in my life that I continue to lean into and encourage
others to do. Don’t let darkness extinguish your unique and beautiful GLOW!

Thank you for inviting us along your health journey, I am honored and look forward to
working with you.

In True Health and Wellness-
Rosy Koehl, RN, BSN