IgG Food Allergy Test w/ Candida (94)


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Great Plains Laboratory IgG Food Allergy Test w/ Candida 

Blood test to evaluate levels of IgG antibodies and look for delayed hypersensitivity reactions to identify foods that are capable of causing inflammation that can trigger a large number of adverse reactions as well as for Candida sensitivity in which symptoms appear anywhere from hours to days after eating the offending food.  Elimination of IgG-positive foods may improve symptoms of various digestive complaints such as bloating, gas, constipation or loose stools, headaches, skin problems, joint discomfort, and body pain.

The 93 foods tested for in the IgG Food Allergy Test w/ Candida include most classes of problem foods that can be eliminated from a patient’s diet. The Great Plains Laboratory offers a comprehensive Western food panel as well as an Asian panel. The Asian panel includes specific foods common to Asian cuisine, such as certain spices and twice as many seafood items as the Western panel.


Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Legumes – Beans & Peas, Nuts & Seeds, Fish, Meat/Fowl, Dairy, miscellaneous (Candida, etc). Sampling requires at least 2 mL of serum or 5 dried blood spots.