Customer Service Manager / Holistic Hormone Specialist

Hi, I’m Lou. I’m passionate about helping women feel empowered in their health journey through nutrition, emotional awareness, habits, and lifestyle shifts. I believe when you focus on a holistic approach to health you can experience freedom from emotions, stress, and overwhelm to find balance and joy in your life.

I am an adventurer and nature lover. I play soccer and volleyball year-round. I live in beautiful upstate New York enjoying an active lifestyle with my two daughters.

As a mother, caregiver, and working in a fast-paced corporate job for nearly 20 years I understand stress, trauma, and hormone imbalance and the toll they can take on your health when unmanaged.

I graduated from the Health Coach Institute as a health and life coach and continued mastery in several modalities to build a solid foundation in understanding true wellness.

My life’s purpose is to connect and serve others, taking a heart-centered approach to each person to inspire and help others live their optimal life, health, and best self. I’m honored to be part of the Glow Natural Wellness team.