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GLOW Monday Challenge: “Just Breathe” Challenge

It’s a good thing we DON’T have control over many of the things that go on in our bodies.

We get so busy, that we probably would have died a long time ago because we would absolutely have gotten distracted and have forgotten to BREATHE!

However – although breathing happens automatically for us, our minds are often focused on other things….so that even though we’re alive and “breathing” – we’re still not doing it right.

IN fact, up to 80% of us are “chest breathers” and are not getting enough oxygen into our bodies. This causes tension in the neck and shoulders.

Rebecca Dennis (breathing expert) says “if we’re not breathing fully, it can make us feel stressed, anxious, depressed, drained and our sleep patterns get affected.”

The good news is, if we consciously bring awareness to our breathing, all of this can be fixed!

Here is an easy deep-breathing practice that I’m challenging you to do every day this week!

• Sit comfortably and straighten your back.
• Deeply breathe in air through your nose and hold your breath for a few seconds.
• Exhale through your mouth slowly, pushing out as much air as you can.
• Continue to breathe in and out like that for a few minutes and try to relax as much as possible. Concentrate of your breathing only.

This practice is especially great in the morning to help wake up your body and detox from toxins. (but it’s also good at any time of the day!)

This week I challenge you to practice deep breathing for at least 3 minutes every single day.

Do you want to join me? Leave “Yes!” in the comment below.

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