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Unlock your genetic potential with

DNA Made Simple

Having trouble staying awake, dependent on caffeine, sugar, or both to get you through the day? Hungry because you’re trying to follow a diet plan you found somewhere in the darkest parts of the “wellness web” in hopes it will help you lose the weight and feel alive once and for all? Throw away those “one size fits absolutely no one”  solutions and start using science to work specifically for you.

Solutions As Individual As You Are

Healthy living could be effortless. You just need to learn what is going on with your genes and how to make your genetic profile work for you. You can turn around the exhaustion, hunger, and overall discomfort by learning the best lifestyle choices for your individual genetics.

Wellness is in your DNA – And you can change it

Your DNA is the blueprint but it doesn’t define your destiny. Genes predispose us to conditions but we can use diet and lifestyle choices to improve our health. DNA Made Simple guides you through the process of designing a  wellness routine tailor-made to fit you. It is a comprehensive genetic testing and 10 modules that address:

  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Sleep
  • Hormones
  • Detox and Methylation
  • Immune/Autoimmune/Inflammation
  • Fitness
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DNA Made Simple

DNA Made Simple uses a combination of DNA tests, functional medicine testing, lifestyle assessments, questionnaires, on-demand interactive lessons, and education to provide a complete epigenetic assessment and strategy. It’s all about you and it’s all about getting you eating, sleeping, and feeling better. 

In DNA Made Simple you get access to these easy to follow modules: 

(… and yes you will learn all of these terms in plain English.
  Get ready to be the coolest party guest ever.)

Not sure which program is best for you?

Our expert coaches are happy to help you find the perfect match.