The Gut-Hormone Connection

Gut Health and Hormones — what does one have to do with the other? As a Naturopathic Physician with a focus on female health, I see a lot of patients with hormone imbalances.  They are often surprised when I start asking about their gut health and order comprehensive gut health labs as part of their […]

DNA Made Simple – The ABC’s of Improving Your DNA

The ABC's of improving your DNA

DNA Made Simple: The ABC’s of Improving Your DNA Have you ever wondered why a certain diet works well for some and not as well for others? Do you ever wonder why someone is naturally slim, while others aren’t? Would you like to prevent disease before symptoms ever appear? Do you want to improve your […]

The Gut-Hormone Connection Part 1

If you ever wondered why balancing female hormones can be so tricky, you are not alone.  I talk to women every day who are “doing all the things they’re supposed to do” – eating healthy, exercising, taking supplements, even taking bioidentical hormones, but are still experiencing more symptoms.   What’s the deal?   Well, the […]

Does My Yeast Make Me Look Fat?

You eat right, you love to workout, and you’ve always been pretty fit.  Then, out of nowhere, you start having trouble maintaining your weight.   No matter how hard you try, those stubborn fat deposits just won’t seem to budge.  To make matter worse, you have developed a seemingly insatiable craving for sweets and starches and […]